Unity 3D Developer

Vinnytsia, 600-richja st.


*Creation of an environment where virtual instruments will perform surgical operations;
*Integration together with Embedded C developer with hardware, which we also develop;
*Work with an experienced 3D Artist.


* Developing games on Unity3D;
* Teamwork with a clear distribution of responsibilities;
* English for communication with the customer experience of commercial development from 2 years;
* Good theoretical and practical skills in C #, 2+ years of experience;
* Good theoretical and practical skills in Unity3D, 2+ years of experience;
* Mastery of basic design patterns;
* Knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures;
* Desire and ability to quickly navigate in someone else’s code;
* The ability to concentrate on achieving results in the optimal time frame;
* Ability to work in a team, good communication skills;
* Experience in developing client-server applications;
* Knowledge of Git.

Would be a plus:

* Reading professional literature and desire to develop;
* Experience in the development of gaming applications;
* Knowledge of template solutions for game subsystems;
* Medical education.

Advantages for candidate:

* Stable and competitive salary;
* Work in a cool team + the presence of an experienced mentor, support and task setting;
* Flexible working schedule;
* Interesting projects and tasks;
* Convenient office in Vinnytsia;
* Monthly team activities;
* 40 hour work week, with the possibility to start or end the working day 2 hours earlier or later. Saturday and Sunday are weekends;
* Day-off for every 60 hours worked, which you can use yourself to choose a vacation, leisure, public holidays etc.;
* Review of working conditions every 6 months. In case of improving skills and gaining new skills, successfully closed sprints and projects, and compliance with internal corporate standards, it is possible to constantly raise your rating;
* Excellent opportunities and prospects for professional growth in a company with a 5-year history.

About the project:

Development of a simulator of Laparoscopic surgery in a medical startup.