A bright and innovative addition to the snowboard


Need to develop the prototype of a LED smart accessory for the snowboard which user can control via smartphone

Hardware & software

Entertainment and sport accessory

What’s it for?

When you’re out boarding the biggest mountains, or even the little hills right up the street from your house, you want everything to look perfect. Whether you are making a highlight reel of your best stunts or going for a joy ride, it is important to strike the right look.

BlizzardLed is an accessory designed to light up your ride in real time using a specially engineered system of LED lights. Finally, your rides can appear as awesome as they feel.


Our team provided an electronic circuit and PCB design 3D printing and modeling of product in our own hardware lab


Developed two prototypes of devices, completed tests of hardware on real sky resort, made Android and iOS apps for accessory control, launched web service for snowboarders.