Robotics Idea Garage Hackathon

April 23, 2020

💡Do you have any ideas for developing specific robotic solutions? Come and prepare. Don’t have any? No problem, come, listen to speakers, join the team, meet like-minded people, get inspired and win prizes.

⏩ You can participate in:

📌 If you have a team.
📌 If you don’t have a team, come and build a team.
📌 If you have no idea but want to join, take part in the event and meet potential team members during the work.

• You don’t need to have a team, you can meet potential team members here.
• You do NOT need to have a prototype or anything else – one idea is enough.
• Any student, engineer or young specialist is welcome.

👥 Robotics Idea Garage teams can have up to 7 members, and the best teams typically have 1-2 non-technical members (design, marketing, pitching, etc.). So if you’re not a technician, feel free to sign up and find a team!

Ideally, the team should have:
➜ Project Manager
➜ Agro Specialist
➜ Specialist in robotics
➜ Designer
➜ Programmer

👉 Sign up here: if you want to present your idea!

📍 Where?

📆 When?
April 23-26

★ Format?
Interactive lectures, brainstorming and presentations.

👉 How much does it cost?
Participation is FREE of charge but early registration ir requered!

This event is focused on generating ideas for the development of specific robotic solutions. Participants listen to the essence of the task, receive additional useful practices, and throughout the day work must present their decision. The best will receive prizes.

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